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V3+ Spreading Control System

Main Features:

  • Cellular modem capable
  • Seat switch
  • Individual, dual floor and spinner control
  • Left and right rate/bout adjustment
  • Operator interface via a new capacitive daylight readable full colour touchscreen
  • Interfaces with all quality GPS systems

Optional Features:

  • Integrated scales with automatic density calculations
  • Four trace element hopper controls in addition to main hopper
  • Three dimensional gyro


V3+ Spreader System

The V3+ is a comprehensive spreader control system that has proven itself in the field. It enables the operators to concentrate on pointing their machine in the right direction, while the V3+ does the rest. The V3+ Spreader Control System is continuously adjusting the floor speed to maintain the correct application for the current condition.

If, for any reason, anything is off target, the V3+ will warn the operator with an audible visual alarm or shut the system down, if needed. This enables operators to keep their attention on the task ahead, rather than worrying if anything has gone wrong. Although this seems to take a bit of getting used to when operators first use a V3+, they soon learn to trust the V3+ and let it do all the worrying for them.

The V3+ Spreader Control System is a very adaptable system, it offers three different levels, standard, mid and advanced.

The standard level accommodates most standard spreaders, with the main features including - single floor single spinner, blower, blower flap, turbo, rate adjust, bout adjust, seat switch, GPS and two speed diff. The mid option allows for another level of control by providing operators with the ability to control dual spinners and dual floors independently, enabling infinitely adjustable ‘variable rate spreading’. Where the spreader truck is fitted with load cells, the V3+ will display weight as well as monitor and prompt the operator to correct any product density errors that arise. This eliminates the risk of incorrect spread rates being set. The mid V3+ also performs side select, sidling spinner, and when fitted with a three-dimensional gyro.

John explains that the advanced level is the pinnacle of the V3+, with this level being capable of controlling four trace element hoppers in addition to the main hopper, and featuring spread pattern adjustment mechanisms and data transfer apps. In addition, as with the standard and mid-levels, the advanced level can also house up to four external mounted cameras, storing time lapse images for reference in the event of an accident.

The V3+ has a high level of inbuilt diagnostic capability to assist in isolating any potential issues whether its electrical, hydraulic or mechanical.

With the V3+ Spreader Control System, all software upgrades are free.

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